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Acronis International. Only Seagates report the raw value, which yes, does appear to be the number of raw read errors, but should be ignored, completely. p.11. Browse other questions tagged hard-drive smart or ask your own question. useful reference

kreadethAug 19, 2014, 5:06 AM It was a mistype, sorry. A bit more than a year powered on, head flew for 11 months... Later, "SMART" came to be understood (though without any formal specification) to refer to a variety of specific metrics and methods and to apply to protocols unrelated to ATA for communicating Column 3 is the attribute handling flag, of no interest to us - ignore it.

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Normalized value is always 100.[28] 175 0xAF Power Loss Protection Failure Last test result as microseconds to discharge cap, saturated at its maximum value. Please note that we cannot individually respond to all comments. The hard drive became a rebel and the datas are unstable and these kinda thing, right?

It is a standard interfaceprotocol and set of the disk features that allowsdisk to check its status and report it to a host system. For an example, see the VALUE above of attribute 1, the Raw_Read_Error_Rate. siguardian.com. Smart Current Worst Threshold When Drive Health software reports a "Nearest T.E.C.", it should be regarded as a "Failure date".

Naturally, this could be highly concerning, but there is no authoritative interpretation available, so no definitive conclusions can be made. Read Error Rate 1 basics S.M.A.R.T. Technical Committee T13. There are many computer professionals with a very low opinion of SMART reporting, and they generally discount SMART reports, partly because of all the inconsistency, but also because many drives fail

The raw value before error correction is an internal performance metric used by the hard drive firmware and not meant to be of value to the end user. What Is Raw Read Error Rate Should I be worried? Ultra DMA CRC error rate Low value of this attribute typically indicates that something is wrong with the connectors and/or cables. The same Seek_Error_Rate value on any other brand would be immediately concerning.

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kreadethAug 19, 2014, 5:31 AM Hmm, and what about the other question? attributes 6.1 Known ATA S.M.A.R.T. Read Error Rate Fix But in real life, our experience is that these are inaccurate. Read Error Rate Crystaldiskinfo Acronis Knowledge Base.

A little warm though!" Introduction to SMART From SMART on Wikipedia, "S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology; often written as SMART) is a monitoring system for computer hard disk drives to see here Site: attributes reference table". watch the swaps. Versatile. Read Error Rate 200

Smartmontools. E.g. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view Articles & News Forum Graphics & Displays CPU Components Motherboards Games Storage Overclocking Tutorials All categories Chart For http://vealcine.com/read-error/read-error-rate-fix.php External links[edit] Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: Minimizing Hard Disk Drive Failure and Data Loss UC Santa Cruz and Quantum release S.M.A.R.T.

Point 2: all HDD have natural read errors, you can learn that at Seagate too, if you want. Raw Read Error Rate Western Digital Airflow Temperature Celsius (HP) Airflow temperature on Western Digital HDs (Same as temp. [C2], but current value is 50 less for some models. How did the Z80 instruction set differ from the 8080?

The higher parameter’s value is, the more the hard disk failure is possible.

Acronis International. IronWolf NAS: The Power of Agility: IronWolf and IronWolf Pro, for Everything NAS. Monitoring. Raw Read Error Rate Fail Retrieved 12 July 2016. ^ "9127: S.M.A.R.T.

If an unsafe fly height condition is encountered, the write process is stopped, and the information is rewritten or reallocated to a safe region of the hard drive. Acronis Knowledge Base. Selective Some drives allow selective self-tests of just a part of the surface.[73] The self-test logs for SCSI and ATA drives are slightly different. Get More Info In some cases, the RAW_VALUE is the counter to watch, in others, it is more important to watch what the VALUE does, and there are yet other behaviors too.

it read it 3 times and if all 3 times its bad it may do a "recalibrate" on the fly, and read 3 more times. The data, released today from cloud service provider Backblaze, also indicated which five of the 70 metrics that SMART stats cover are likely to predict a hard drive failure. Although an industry standard exists among most major hard drive manufacturers,[5] issues remain due to attributes intentionally left undocumented to the public in order to differentiate models between manufacturers.[16][17] From a Spin up time Low value indicates that a drive takes longer than expected to spin up to its rated speed.

USAFRetAug 19, 2014, 6:20 AM kreadeth said: USAFRet said: Assuming you're using Windows, that won't work. In addition, there are a few Maxtor and Samsung drives that took the start of the scale all the way to 252 or 253! Retries are not necessarily indicate a persistent problem, but one should proceed with caution if any of these attributes is degraded. Chlondowski, Zbigniew. "S.M.A.R.T.

S.M.A.R.T. Seagate leaves those of us who provide tech support the job of answering the constant questions about this number. SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED SMART parameters section These are generally of little interest to us They do include the recommended polling time for the short and long tests, in What to do with my pre-teen daughter who has been out of control since a severe accident?

software for Linux, Michael Cornwell. Often higher values are better than lower values. Acronis International. ^ "MHY2250BH, MHY2200BH, MHY2160BH, MHY2120BH, MHY2100BH, MHY2080BH, MHY2060BH, MHY2040BH Disk Drives, Product/Maintenance Manual" (PDF).