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xkm121 2012-12-30 18:14:34 UTC #5 I have tried multiple sata cables---with clips and without; has 90 degree bent and straight.  I have tried SATA port from 1 to 6. D0 Spin Buzz 0 OK 253 252 0 N.A. I hope this helps. (ever seen a DatA General hard disk crash? So, your hard disk seem to be ok. useful reference

IMHO it shouldn't be trusted. up vote 40 down vote favorite 10 My laptop has recently started to become a bit unreliable, and for some reason I started to suspect that my HDD was starting to Does it have anything to do with a programm I've downloaded? Have you run chkdsk to scan your partitions ?

Raw Read Error Rate Fix

Thanks for the tip. JoeComp, Mar 29, 2014 JoeComp, Mar 29, 2014 #18 Mar 29, 2014 #19 dragonstongue 2[H]4U Messages: 2,580 Joined: Nov 18, 2008 Seems to me a silly thing to read something that bad cables etc If it happens because of other reasons i'm not so sure or how technicaly but if the device is faulty then i could see that being ANOTHER reason

Top fzabkar Post subject: Re: HDDScan SMART ReportPosted: October 31st, 2012, 0:42 Joined: September 8th, 2009, 18:21Posts: 8647Location: Australia Your drive has many bad sectors. Now this RMAed one has this situation going on. So when you said earlier in the thread "Well, the read error rate is at 94 now, seems to fluctuate between 92 & mid 90s depending on workload at the time", What Is Raw Read Error Rate If anything is using the hard drive, like say I'm unzipping a file, other programs won't launch at all until the first app using the hard drive is done.

after all , it's none of your beeswax. (see I'm a perfect drive , i lie to you) (but does not matter, day1, in the least) Also there a 3 times Raw Read Error Rate 1 Point 2: all HDD have natural read errors, you can learn that at Seagate too, if you want. I also found the "engineer" is kinda sketchy. The test only fails after the drive has been running a while, maybe 15 minutes; under Windows the symptom is that any drive access hangs the process, so I am using

In other words, a drive with 0.6 million counts (errors ?) would still be passed by Data LifeGuard. Raw Read Error Rate Ssd share|improve this answer answered Jan 7 '11 at 15:46 psusi 26.8k13674 I've got a drive that is pretty much only failing the raw read error rate. Maybe should send an email to Corsair and ask them directly cause in my mind 46 million read errors is bloody huge given its context obviously the drive is going to How do I recover from accidentally removing dpkg?

Raw Read Error Rate 1

This value just keeps increasing. Any tools that simply reads SMART values is made to be used on any disk (HDD or SSD) that has SMART attributes within it. Raw Read Error Rate Fix and do you have cables that have two small bumps or similar so they click into place ? Raw Read Error Rate Western Digital Fix These probably represent the max/min/current temperatures for the current power cycle.

But this time I've noticed the Raw Value of Raw Read Error Rate attribute is 1. see here http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/Seagate_SER_RRER_HEC.html The reason the Crucial M4 is showing 0 and the Samsung 840 Pro isn't showing Raw Read Error Rate at all is so that consumers like you don't panic unnecessarily bear in mind its just mass produced plastic with a few strips of metal so sometimes they arn't perfect. dragonstongue, Mar 27, 2014 dragonstongue, Mar 27, 2014 #6 Mar 27, 2014 #7 shantd Gawd Messages: 665 Joined: Aug 2, 2008 OK I'll try to address everyone's points & questions. Raw Read Error Rate Fail

SMART obviously is used on SSD but I am quite sure there is not a single one designed specifically by any maker for SSD in question so many of these values How many times a "cell" has been written to vs how many times it has been read as an example would seem to me bad on a standard HDD as an You can see most of the possible SMART attributes here. this page They transferred me to one of their engineers(pretty cool here, actually someone with the knowledge to answer my question).

My seagate drives all look like this for example (I have 6 of them): Code: ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDATED WHEN_FAILED RAW_VALUE Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 118 099 006 Pre-fail Always Read Error Rate Crystaldiskinfo TAKE CARE OF YOUR QUALITY CONTROL WD! How some of those SMART parameters are interpreted certainly depend on the type of device.

fzabkar 2012-12-31 22:11:26 UTC #10 According to WD's published specifications, the WD2002FAEX has a maximum sustained data transfer rate of 138 MB/s while the WD5002AALX is rated for 126 MB/s and

there is no perfect HDD, never was, never will be, (history and fact) in the olden days, (me) we had to enter the bad sectors in to the HDD controller from In fact that's what happened when WD acquired SiliconSystems. If these numbers are to be taken seriously, why then does it indicate that the SSD Life Left is still 100? Smart Read Error Rate my other 2 drives are at 95 and 100%.

It appears my samsung drive doesn't keep track of raw read error rate. I am saying the numbers might be correct but their context probably is not, a read error rate of physical media does not mean the same thing that it would on WD10EARS 2012-12-31 20:28:50 UTC #8 I posted my benchmark picture in here already a few weeks ago i think it was. Get More Info C2 Temperature 31 C OK 145 109 0 N.A.

Howcome the first drive doesn't show the read error rate?Click to expand... Only just this new 320gb HD i bought is at 50%....