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Ps2 Dvd Read Error


Four of these double as rubber feet for the PS2 (when the device is laying flat.) Remove these covers to access and remove the screws. If you have, I'll bet the first time you saw one was on the 31st day you've had it, after the Sony 30-day warranty expired. Most of the supports will be taken out, so be careful you don't bend or break any of the connectors on the various ports or internally. then chances are it's not a serious error and only requires minor adjustments to your PS2. http://vealcine.com/read-error/read-error-in-data-read-ansys.php

Cleaning out everything is a great idea to get any older electronics "road worthy". Sign up for free! By the time you're through with this article, all of the above should work in your PS2, with the exception of the blue PS2 game. You can pay money to send it in to Sony HQ and have them fix it or you can just do what they do by yourself for free.

Ps2 Slim Disc Read Error

If you continue to cause errors, you will be blocked again for an indefinite period. Screws and stickers Before you do anything, disconnect the PS2's power and video connections. Before moving on to the disc tray cover, now is a good time to blow out the dust that has collected around the fan and main circuit board. Your California Privacy Rights.

  • Some people have never had a problem with this game, other people have never been able to load it.
  • After scouring countless online sources and finding little useful information, I came across a message board posting that suggested the problem may be related to an internal adjustment gone awry.
  • You'll find plenty of other PS2 repair guides, but most have blurry pictures, pictures taken from across the room, or none at all.
  • DREs caused by an incorrect gap between the laser and disc appear more common with early PS2 units, as they used a small spinning gear as the stop rather than the
  • Carefully remove the top cover by lifting the back edge and pulling it toward the front of the unit until it clears the controller jacks as well as the front of
  • PS2 Tip No. 2: Always operate a PS2 in its prone position.

If you can build on it and make it as detailed as possible, I'll put it up. Get the edge of the flathead screwdriver or a knife underneath them to pop them out. I've circled them on the picture below ? 4 rubber feet and 6 square tabs. Ps2 Won't Read Discs This includes a Class 1 laser, which can blind you.

With the PS2 splayed open, the disc tray cover removed, and the unit plugged in, eject the disc tray. Playstation 2 Troubleshooting Disc Read Error Register Facebook Twitter RSS Articles News Reviews Features Previews Media PSU on Twitch Themes Videos Wallpaper Screenshots Games All Upcoming PS4 Games PlayStation Trophies Forums What's New? Fix those errors with these simple steps.

There should be enough slack for the cover to lie off to the side.

You'll notice a metallic ribbon or white wires (depending on your PS2's age) connecting the main base to the eject/play buttons on the top cover. Ps2 Disc Not Spinning I have read reports of DREs being caused by improper laser voltage levels, and this fix will do nothing for that type of problem. It's rather easy to take out the whole fan and power button, as well as the front disc eject and reset buttons. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. 3DS DS iOS PC PS3 PS4

Playstation 2 Troubleshooting Disc Read Error

Removing the case Once you've removed the screws, it's time to break the seal and completely void whatever warranty you may have had. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2003/11/ps2-repair-guide/ Use a felt-tip pen to mark the white gear at the point it contacts the tab/smaller gear. Ps2 Slim Disc Read Error Grab your PS2, a normal-size Phillips and a flathead screwdriver, a small or jeweler's size Phillips screwdriver, a can of compressed air, and one each of (if you own any): a How To Make A Ps2 Read A Disc Remove the tape that normally holds this wire in place and set the top cover off to the side.

On the bottom of the PS2 are 10 square-shaped screw covers. http://vealcine.com/read-error/read-error-at-lba-0.php DVDs and CDs got the same error. The easiest precaution is to make sure your PS2 is left off when the disc tray is open. Use a can of air to blow away dust, Windex for hard to clean dust and crud, especially on the fan blades. Ps2 Disc Read Error Fix Without Opening

I followed the instructions here, and turning the little white gear worked!

I marked the gear's current position with a Sharpie, and turned the gear by "clicks". I tried using a laser-lens cleaning disc as well as upgrading my DVD software, but my PS2 continued to report the dreaded "disc read error." With PS2 repair jobs costing about It is not a permanent fix, but it certainly helps. http://vealcine.com/read-error/read-error-read-21-is-a-directory.php Page: 1 2 3 Next → reader comments 4 Share this story You must login or create an account to comment. ← Previous story Next story → Related Stories Sponsored Stories

Close Biz & IT Tech Science Policy Cars Gaming & Culture Forums Navigate Videos Features Reviews Ars Approved RSS Feeds Mobile Site About Ars Staff Directory Contact Us Advertise with Ars Ps2 Disc Read Error Easy Fix Remember, spare parts are not your friend! About a month ago, I noticed that my aging PS2 would no longer read DVD video and audio CD discs.

If you're real lucky, your PS2 might last two or even three years; eventually this error will hunt down your PS2 and settle down there.

Laser radiation and nuclear radiation are tow completely different things.

Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation = Laser

I must be lucky or something because I have one of the first PS2's Toward the back of the PS2, behind the laser, is a white gear about 0.75-inches in diameter. Standing a PS2 vertically looks cool, but it seems to cause more problems than it's worth. Ps2 Disc Cannot Be Read Xbox360: 1.6 million worldwide Japan : 200,000 consoles Europe: 400,000 U.S: 1 million Two pakcages: Core: $299 Premium: $399 Hard Drive, headset, remote, wireless controller, 1 month of free Xbox live,

At first it is not so bad, ... 1 Step 1: Materals"Disk Read Error'"PS2 Big Phillips head Screw Driver Small Phillips head Screw Driver Flat Headed Screw Driver Pen or Sharpie Sales: 5 million worldwide since launch PS3: Worldwide launch 2 million units Two packages: Core: $499 Premium: $599 HDMI output, wireless internet, memory card slots, ect. Disclaimer: While I have tried to make this guide as accurate and concise as possible, I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause. navigate here By keeping my system clean and well maintained I have had the same PS2 for 6 years now.

Well, I had recently bought guitar hero metallica, and when I would try to

If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Remove all 10 tabs That wasn't so hard . . . The result is that the disc read errors (DREs) are gone, and my PS2 is now as snappy as the day I pulled it out of its pretty blue box. There's a few you can leave on, but they might get in your way later.

Once that is done, gather the following items. • Standard Phillips screwdriver • #0 Phillips screwdriver (or eyeglass-sized) • Cotton swabs • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol • Felt-tip pen or marker Optional