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else html[key] = 'errorExplanation' end end options[:object_name] ||= params.first I18n.with_options :locale => options[:locale], :scope => [:activerecord, :errors, :template] do |locale| header_message = if options.include?(:header_message) options[:header_message] else object_name = options[:object_name].to_s object_name = Is that the case? Are the two sequences equal if the sums and sums of squares are equal? It applies to 2-3-stable and passes all tests. click site

Trying to format the example with pre: validates_presence_of :name validates_accpetance_of :eula, :full_message => 'You must agree with our contract terms.' To generate the errors: "Name must be present. Because ActiveRecord, at least in Rails 2.3, has a nasty tendency to build sentences through string concatenation: an absolute no-no. In other cases, the attribute should not even be in the phrase. Can we apply it?

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Subscribe by RSS. Jarl You flagged this item as spam. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up errors.full_messages format in rails 3 up vote 6 down vote favorite 2 Got a small question in here. Can I take a bow and arrows on the train in the UK?

I would expect to find how to have control over the messages in the validations documentation and I would not relate it to I18n, so I could never found how to The question how often people are using this and whether we're seeing it as an edge case matters a lot for how much convenience stuff we wanna build in. Yaroslav Markin January 2nd, 2009 @ 08:56 AM Tag changed from “activerecord, error, errors, error_messages_for, i18n, l10n” to “activerecord, error, errors, error_messages_for, i18n, l10n, patch” Kinda +1 on this one, but Rails Validation Error Message Not Displaying You flagged this item as spam.

Convenience support (in this case) makes lookups slower and more complex. Rails Custom Error Messages More improvements must happen in master branch. Sven Fuchs August 26th, 2009 @ 06:49 PM Rodrigo, yes, you can always pass whatever message key you want to the validates_* macros. We'll look into a 3.x solution afterwards.

You say it is possible to do with current implementation but I tried very hard to find how to do it in Rails API and Rails guides and was not able Rails Error_messages_for This means they need to be backwards compatible with the current API. You can pass the :full_messages option. I tried to generate the guides both in trunk and 2-3-stable and I am getting errors.

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This DIV can be tailored by the following options: :header_tag - Used for the header of the error div (default: "h2"). :id - The id of the error div (default: "errorExplanation"). It might give the false impression that we are angry or hostiles, while that is not the case. Rails Error Messages In View So if that is not the case, I will probably create a new (feature request) ticket. Rails Errors Full Messages For instance, suppose we have an Article with a :body and a :title, both validated using validates_presence_of, with an extra validates_length_of on the :title.

How to explain the concept of test automation to a team that only knows manual testing? http://vealcine.com/rails-error/rails-error-messages-for-css.php title: blank: Your article is desperately seeking a title. I've tried to explain that before (see above). The funny thing is, by the time full_messages is called, all those messages have already been translated (in ActiveRecord::Errors#add). Activerecord Errors Full Messages

I have addressed this issue in the past with the humanize_attributes plugin, that allowed be to set a blank attribute name so that :message would have the behaviour of a :full_message Jeremy Kemper August 30th, 2009 @ 11:13 PM Needs a test, José? autonomous - July 28, 2008 15 thanks Friendlier error message example The default error messages can be a bit stale and off putting. navigate to this website Those are string concatenations: definitely off-limits.

Instead, our intrepid programmer should write: s = I18n.t('found n companies', :count => number) with a translations file containing en: found n companies: zero: found no companies one: found one company Rails Exceptions This is because you should not build sentences using string concatenation, no matter which language you speak (or, for that matter, in which language you program). The way to to change that is to override the ActiveRecord::Base.human_attribute_name method.

Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas August 26th, 2009 @ 03:31 PM The lack of preview in LightHouse is really a problem.

keys() Link Returns all message keys. Another thing that you might not have understood. José will make sure our compat workaround for such libraries as shoulda and (what was the other one?) works. 0001-Fix-ActiveRecord-Error-message-I18n.patch 91 KB Repository August 29th, 2009 @ 06:02 PM (from [13fb26b714dec0874303f51cc125ff62f65a2729]) Rails Form Errors In your Rails project, put this in config/initializers/fix_active_record_validations_full_messages.rb: # Ensures that when we pass a :message parameter to our validations, that # message is a sentence (and not something to be

Live Preview failing in Safari and Firefox only How to remove screws from old decking What to do with my pre-teen daughter who has been out of control since a severe person.errors.add(:name, :blank, message: "can't be blank") person.errors.each do |attribute, error| # Will yield :name and "can't be blank" end person.errors.add(:name, :not_specified, message: "must be specified") person.errors.each do |attribute, error| # Will Now I can declare the full_message format like this: sl: activerecord: errors: format: full_message: Polje "{{attribute}}" {{message}} "Polje" means "Field" in Slovenian. http://vealcine.com/rails-error/rails-error-messages.php person.errors.add(:base, :name_or_email_blank, message: "either name or email must be present") person.errors.messages # => {:base=>["either name or email must be present"]} person.errors.details # => {:base=>[{error: :name_or_email_blank}]} Source: show | on GitHub #

Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas September 2nd, 2009 @ 12:29 AM I've just realized this mistake in the last message: validates_presence_of :login, :message => 'You must specify a user name.' Of course, I Why do we need global.asax in Sitecore VS solution? It just adds an option to validation methods. The solution I present would be both more elegant and more powerful/flexible.

If the key :eula clashes with other models you could pick any other key that fits your needs better: validates_accpetance_of :eula, :message => :"users.eula" 0001-Fix-ActiveRecord-Error-message-I18n.patch 87.6 KB Sven Fuchs August 26th, I include? You flagged this item as spam. Do you think this is a must-have or nice-to-have thing?

That said I believe that with this patch you can do the following: validates_accpetance_of :eula, :message => :eula And then provide a translation for :message (if you need it anywhere) and