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Call CloseConnection before calling OpenConnection again. 0x80040413 QuickBooks does not support the rollbackonerror value of the onerror attribute. 0x80040414 A modal dialog box is showing in the QuickBooks user interface. How do I print labels? Status OK. 1 No match. Killing the session/closing the connection and then re-trying it seems to resolve the problem. 0x80040406 Could not determine the version of the QuickBooks company data file, or the data file has http://vealcine.com/quickbooks-error/quickbooks-error-code-3171.php

Re-open QuickBooks.   Free Trial View Demos Submit RFP 1-877­-662-2519 | Contact Us Replicon is the leading provider of time asset management solutions. The maximum lengths are listed in the OSR. For instance, if you try to add a Sales Order to QuickBooks Pro, you'll get back this error message, as you can only create Sales Orders in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Error 3180: There was an error when saving a Invoice.

Look for one of these strings and send again with IsAutoApply = true. ... Error message: There was an error when saving a Customers list, element "Palmer, Keith". to the application. When you send your qbXML request, part of it looks like this: ... If you get this error message,

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  • You'll get the "Cannot merge list elements" error message back from QuickBooks.
  • Break information down into a numbered or bulleted list and highlight the most important details in bold.
  • You can override a transaction period by following these steps:Make sure the transaction is set to pending in ProjectorRight click and choose Change Accounting PeriodSelect a new, open period   No labels
  • Consider sending over customer #245, "Keith Palmer" as: ... Keith Palmer (245) ...
  • Addr3: Suite D Addr4: Phone: (860) 634-1602 City: Willington State: Connecticut PostalCode: 06279 Country: United States 3210 Other validation error The "fieldName" field has an invalid value "fieldValue This can
  • Comment Asked by tammig QuickBooks Point of Sale Options Edit Ask for details Archive hide info × Close Why do you want to report this?
  • To see the errors, from ServiceMonster go to Orders > QuickBooks Export and click the following tabs: Non-Posted Invoices Non-Posted Payments Error Code 3171: An attempt was made to modify an Invoice with a

If you want to allow the application to log into QuickBooks automatically, log into QuickBooks and try again. list has been modified by another user ... ... When At Your Service receives an error message, it simply skips over the corresponding record and records the error message in a log file to be viewed at the end of None of these can be done via the API / plug-in, however.HTH!Geoffrey GerhardCreative Solutions Incorporated14000 Creekside DriveMatthews, NC 28105704) 814-6852 Logged JonathanIsland Member Posts: 7 Re: Error 3171: Modifying an estimate

Whenever you issue an update of any type, you need to ensure you're using the very latest EditSequence value. New Features Scheduling: How do I control which Lead Sources my prospects see on webforms? All of the fields within QuickBooks have maximum lengths. How do I transfer invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online?

When people post very general questions, take a second to try to understand what they're really looking for. In QuickBooks Pro, you may be able to work with existing sales orders but you can't create new ones. 3280 Item type mismatch The item “fieldValue” cannot be used in this Spam Profanity Threats/Abuse Inappropriate Virus/Danger Broken Links Other Found out today that if you enter a bill date in POS voucher incorrectly - say last years date instead of this years The given object ID ... 3121 OwnerID not found Data Extension Definitions specified by OwnerID fieldValue not found for this object type. 3130 Parent reference not found There is an invalid

It can also occur if you try to issue a DataExtAdd for a DataExt that already exists: There was an error when saving a data extension named "my custom field name". The employee “fieldValue” provided in the TimeTrackingAdd request has the checkbox “Use time data to create paychecks” set to the Unknown state. Look for ways to eliminate uncertainty by anticipating people's concerns. If you are sure you really want to do this, please ask a user with Admin privileges to remove the password for editing transactions on or before to closing date (this

Create the customer first, then you can send this request. 501 Object not in this qbXML specification Unable to represent objectName "fieldValue" in this version of the qbXML spec. 510 Object news QuickBooks error message: Attribute with specified name already exists. Unable to use the AssignToObject type in this request. 3360 Callback app cannot be verified The callback application cannot be found from the CLSID or ProgID provided in the subscription request. Sometimes, it helps to push over customers together with a unique identifier appended to their name, to avoid conflicts.

You may find it useful to copy the text verbatim to your message window. 0x80040422 This application requires Single User file access mode and there is already another application sharing data list element is in use ... ... All of the fields within QuickBooks have maximum lengths. have a peek at these guys If you are sure you really want to do this, please ask a user with Admin privileges to remove the password for editing transactions on or before to closing date (this

United States // Examples: Addr1: 56 Cowles Road Addr2: Attention- Keith Palmer Jr. The log file is called QBExport.log and can be found in the Log subfolder where At Your Service was installed (by default C:\Program Files\At Your Service\Log on 32-bit systems or C:\Program All Rights Reserved.

This helps to ensure that you are not updating a record which has already been updated via another user or process.

Answer guidelines Saved to your computer. When you first set up the integration application, you get to choose whether or not to grant access to sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. Try sending a lower version. Truncate or abbreviate the string, and you'll be all set. 3080 Invalid string The string “fieldValue” is invalid. 3085 Invalid number There was an error when converting the number “fieldValue” in

If you want to allow the application to log into QuickBooks automatically, log into QuickBooks and try again. HOME READY-TO-GO INTEGRATIONS CONSULTING OPEN SOURCE QuickBooks SDK Error Codes From ConsoliBYTE Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Contents 1 0 2 1 3 500 4 501 5 510 6 530 7 Here are five guidelines: Keep it conversational. check my blog After running QuickBooks Web connector QuickBooks sometimes indicates "Some items are rejected by QuickBooks".

Legal Privacy Security Skip to main content North America1-­877-­662-2519 Australia1800 ­223 ­198 United Kingdom+44 (0) 80 0048 8810 Other Countries +800-­6622-­5192 Contact Support | Replicon Home Login What’s New Product CustomerMod, InvoiceMod, etc.) you MUST first query the record to get the very latest EditSequence value. 3205 Invalid address There was an error when composing an address in "fieldValue" This often Yes No qbposwill 1 comment × Close Why do you want to report this? When storing addresses within QuickBooks, you can only use 5 lines *maximum*, *including* the address lines, city/state/zip line, and country line.

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The given object ID ... 3010 Invalid Boolean There was an error when converting the boolean value "fieldValue" in the field "fieldName" You should send booleans as string values "true" or If you get this message, it means the application wasn't granted access and you're trying to access it anyway. 3262 Requires payroll subscription In order to complete this request, the company Name and FullName tags in QuickBooks are unique keys. Error 3171: An attempt was made to modify a Invoice with a date that is on or before the closing date of the company.

You might find better documentation on our new QuickBooks integration wiki. Support Forum » Plug-ins » FM Books Connector » Error 3171: Modifying an estimate prior to the QuickBooks closing date « previous next » Print Pages: [1] Go Down Author Topic: The following table lists some common error messages that you may encounter, and how to resolve the problem. Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Look for these strings and re-queue with IsAutoApply set to true. ... The maximum lengths are listed in the OSR. in your qbXML request. 3101 Resulting amount too large Multiplying the rate and the quantity results in an amount that exceeds the maximum allowable amount. 3110 Invalid enum value The enumerated Your application cannot access QuickBooks until the user dismisses the dialog box. 0x80040415 A call to the OpenConnection method must include the name of your application. 0x80040416 If QuickBooks is not

This error occurs often when you try edit a list object, and for some reason QuickBooks thinks that the list of objects has been modified by another user.