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exception IndexError¶ Raised when a sequence subscript is out of range. (Slice indices are silently truncated to fall in the allowed range; if an index is not an integer, TypeError This applies only to unqualified names. exception SystemExit¶ This exception is raised by the sys.exit() function. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed navigate here

The winerror and strerror values are created from the return values of the GetLastError() and FormatMessage() functions from the Windows Platform API. up vote 5 down vote Yes try the win32api module: import win32api e_msg = win32api.FormatMessage(-2147352567) You can grab any codes returned from the exception and pass them to FormatMessage. It inherits from BaseException instead of Exception so that it is not accidentally caught by code that catches Exception. exception ImportWarning¶ Base class for warnings about probable mistakes in module imports.

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The names and descriptions are borrowed from linux/include/errno.h, which should be pretty all-inclusive. Some built-in exceptions (like IOError) expect a certain number of arguments and assign a special meaning to the elements of this tuple, while others are usually called only with a exception OSError([arg])¶ exception OSError(errno, strerror[, filename[, winerror[, filename2]]]) This exception is raised when a system function returns a system-related error, including I/O failures such as "file not found" or "disk full" It is a subclass of UnicodeError.

Unfortunately, that second code -2146788248 (0x800A9C68) is in the range reserved for custom application-defined error messages (in VBA: VbObjectError + someCustomErrorNumber), so there is no centralized meaning. Misuse of parentheses for multiplication How to flood the entire lunar surfaces? exception SyntaxWarning¶ Base class for warnings about dubious syntax. Python Exception Message This is derived from Exception rather than StandardError, since this is not considered an error in its normal application.

For example, err.object[err.start:err.end] gives the particular invalid input that the codec failed on. share|improve this answer answered Feb 6 '09 at 19:31 Jason Coon 7,75752546 3 The first message was "Exception Occurred" and the 2nd one raised an error: The system cannot find object¶ The object the codec was attempting to encode or decode. https://docs.python.org/3/library/exceptions.html The constructor often actually returns a subclass of OSError, as described in OS exceptions below.

Warnings 5.4. Python Valueerror Example exception AttributeError¶ Raised when an attribute reference (see Attribute references) or assignment fails. (When an object does not support attribute references or attribute assignments at all, TypeError is raised.) exception Changed in version 3.4: The filename attribute is now the original file name passed to the function, instead of the name encoded to or decoded from the filesystem encoding. exception VMSError¶ Only available on VMS.

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Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up obtaining error number of an error up vote 6 down vote favorite 1 I need to obtain the error number from an https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!msg/comp.lang.python/T_mvz9AzD2o/BgzBiGjD7ykJ exception UnboundLocalError¶ Raised when a reference is made to a local variable in a function or method, but no value has been bound to that variable. Valueerror Python Not the answer you're looking for? Python Filenotfounderror exception FutureWarning¶ Base class for warnings about constructs that will change semantically in the future.

A call to sys.exit() is translated into an exception so that clean-up handlers (finally clauses of try statements) can be executed, and so that a debugger can execute check over here How to tell where file is going to be saved? The error loosely means "There was a COM exception thrown by the object", with more information packed elsewhere (although I don't quite know where; I'll have to look it up). For class exceptions, in a try statement with an except clause that mentions a particular class, that clause also handles any exception classes derived from that class (but not Python Custom Exception

  1. This is a subclass of NameError.
  2. Corresponds to errno EACCES and EPERM.
  3. During execution, a check for interrupts is made regularly.

What does the word "most" mean? Can a nuclear detonation on Moon destroy life on Earth? exception SystemExit¶ This exception is raised by the sys.exit() function. his comment is here The filename attribute is None when this exception is created with other than 3 arguments.

exception InterruptedError¶ Raised when a system call is interrupted by an incoming signal. Python Exception Class Methods The second item is the description associated with the error code which in this case is "Exception Occurred". Navigation index modules | next | previous | Python » 2.7.12 Documentation » The Python Standard Library » 15.

Exception hierarchy¶ The class hierarchy for built-in exceptions is: BaseException +-- SystemExit +-- KeyboardInterrupt +-- GeneratorExit +-- Exception +-- StopIteration +-- StopAsyncIteration +-- ArithmeticError | +-- FloatingPointError | +-- OverflowError |

exception ZeroDivisionError¶ Raised when the second argument of a division or modulo operation is zero. code¶ The exit status or error message that is passed to the constructor. (Defaults to None.) exception TypeError¶ Raised when an operation or function is applied to an object Why do jet engines smoke? Python 3 Exceptions Luckily, pythoncom's representation is reversible.

if os.path.isdir(dir): shutil.rmtree(dir) os.mkdir(dir) share|improve this answer answered Feb 25 '14 at 22:26 Sheng 1,985614 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote If you search for "WindowsError" on the exceptions There are all kinds of predefined return codes for common results and problems, or the object can return custom numeric codes for special situations. This is a subclass of OSError. weblink exception UnicodeWarning¶ Base class for warnings related to Unicode.

exception ArithmeticError¶ The base class for those built-in exceptions that are raised for various arithmetic errors: OverflowError, ZeroDivisionError, FloatingPointError. In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms exception PendingDeprecationWarning¶ Base class for warnings about features which will be deprecated in the future. The errno and strerror attributes are also None when the instance was created with other than 2 or 3 arguments.