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Log In to Comment 2 Answers 0 mark748348 July 27, 2014 $ python manage.py syncdb Needs to be $ sudo python manage.py syncdb Reply Log In to Comment 0 dilmac March share|improve this answer answered Aug 6 '14 at 20:50 aliteralmind 10.8k63770 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign I then had to work on the data Bookmark Data Model. more hot questions question feed lang-py about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation http://vealcine.com/no-module/python-manage-py-syncdb-error-no-module-named.php

I tried using Postgresql, and then I got an error about something else when trying to do a python2.5 manage.py syncdb. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. How should I prepare myself for a more supervisory role? This output doesn't make any sense to me... # pip install django-messages Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): django-messages in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages Cleaning up... # python manage.py runserver Error: No module http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22672015/python-manage-py-syncdb-error-no-module-named-south-django-installation-outsid

There Is No South Database Module South Db Mysql For Your Database

View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30389771/importerror-no-module... Mathematics tenure-track committees: Mathjobs question Getting Coveo configured properly in a CD/CM server setup Can Feudalism Endure Advanced Agricultural Techniques? Here are the steps I took to deploy my less than fledgling site.Sign up for a shared hosting plan at WebfactionI signed up for Webfaction's lowest plan at $9.50/month with no

  • apt-get install python3.4-dev libpq-dev then in your virtualenv pip install psycopg2 share|improve this answer answered Aug 6 '14 at 21:42 elmonkeylp 1,010910 Can you explain why this is necessary?
  • Does the code terminate?
  • Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up python manage.py syncdb fails with "ImproperlyConfigured: No module named 'psycopg2' up vote 0 down vote favorite I am currently going through these
  • Where can I find my minimum tire pressure?
  • Command /home/jeffy/django_files/django_test_venv/bin/python3.4 -c "import setuptools, tokenize;__file__='/home/jeffy/django_files/django_test_venv/build/psycopg2/setup.py';exec(compile(getattr(tokenize, 'open', open)(__file__).read().replace('\r\n', '\n'), __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-jilc5e_m-record/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --compile --install-headers /home/jeffy/django_files/django_test_venv/include/site/python3.4 failed with error code 1 in /home/jeffy/django_files/django_test_venv/build/psycopg2 Storing debug log for failure in
  • Both returned an ImportError.

What do you call this kind of door lock? sofeng.webfactional.com was a domain name which they provided. So I typed: manage.py syncdb but I got an error message saying: there is no bookmarks module So I checked the folder structure and it was as follow django_bookmarks ├── bookmarks View More Recalll - Medium for programmers.

Changed your mind? No Module Named South View More at https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/no-module-named-... You signed in with another tab or window. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14667059/django-project-can-not-sync-data-tables-syncdb-error-no-module-named-xyz Word for making your life circumstances seem much worse than they are How do I find out if there is an Esperanto club in my city?

View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30389771/importerror-no-module... error: command 'i686-linux-gnu-gcc' failed with exit status 1 ---------------------------------------- Cleaning up... I followed the tutorial (except when I could not sync tables and I resorted to pasting the "bookmarks" folder elsewhere...) ...and the folder tree seems pretty standard. asked 2 years ago viewed 2174 times active 2 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #92 - The Guerilla Guide to Interviewing Visit Chat Linked 17 ImportError: No module named psycopg2

No Module Named South

share|improve this answer answered Feb 8 '13 at 1:15 msc 2,9261119 Yes I think this should solve the issue. –redDragonzz Feb 8 '13 at 1:30 Strange... https://groups.google.com/d/topic/django-users/kq7YbIkPdl0 Which lane to enter on this roundabout? (UK) Set literal gives different result from set function call Where does Elune fit in the Warcraft cosmos? There Is No South Database Module South Db Mysql For Your Database Try to downloading the django (version of your choice) source from the http://djangoproject.com site, and installing it directly through setup.py. Does this mean I'm using a non-release version of Python? –aliteralmind Aug 6 '14 at 21:47 The *-dev packages contain the files necessary to compile an application from source

Nested apply function at a list Where does Elune fit in the Warcraft cosmos? weblink Browse other questions tagged python django django-syncdb syncdb or ask your own question. Jokes about Monica's haircut What is the difference between TeX and Texinfo? See below: from django.conf.urls.defaults import * from bookmarks.views import * urlpatterns = patterns('', (r'^$', main_page), ) so, so f, everything worked like a charm.

FYI if you wanted to install from that github link using pip you could do: pip install git+git://github.com/arneb/django-messages. –Nathan Jhaveri Feb 9 '13 at 2:58 @NathanJhaveri, thanks. I copied some of my configuration files over to make me feel more at home. Baking at a lower temperature than the recipe calls for Counterintuitive polarizing filters Font identification dificulties A word for acting in advance of some expected or anticipated outcome How do I http://vealcine.com/no-module/python-manage-py-syncdb-error-no-module-named-staticfiles.php Shouldn't django.core.management be part of Django core?

Why do units (from physics) behave like numbers? Then I replaced the "bookmarks" to its original place just like shown on the tree above. Jokes about Monica's haircut Do primary and secondary coil resistances correspond to number of winds?

but it didnt..

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However When calling python manage.py syncdb the Django installation outside of the virtualenvwrapper is called and does not find south. Like I mentioned earlier, I had some problems with my Django installation. moreLinks Twitter Github Stack Overflow Atom FeedTags aws (10) blogproject (20) cardstore (8) c_cplusplus (12) colinux (2) concurrency (13) conkeror (2) cygwin (17) django (41) emacs (24) git (7) hardware (8) javascript (17) keyboard (9) his comment is here Share it with others to increase its visibility and to get it answered quickly.

registration python sys path import sys sys.path.append('/your_path') django - python manage.py runserver - Error: no module named registrat... you're missing the underscore share|improve this answer answered Feb 2 '13 at 22:14 migajek 4,390105396 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote The tutorial may be for an older version, Shouldn't django.core.management be part of Django core? 1 comment 0 mark748348 July 26, 2014 Whilst following instructions: Step 8 in How To Install and Configure Django with Postgres, Nginx, and Gunicorn Browse other questions tagged python django django-south virtualenvwrapper or ask your own question.

File "/apps/Python-2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/db/backends/sqlite3/base.py", line 34, in raise ImproperlyConfigured("Error loading %s: %s" % (module, exc)) django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Error loading either pysqlite2 or sqlite3 modules (tried in that order): No module named _sqlite3 -------------- I'm new to both Ubuntu and Digitial Ocean, although I developed on Unix years ago. Reload to refresh your session. DEBUG = True TEMPLATE_DEBUG = True ALLOWED_HOSTS = [] # Application definition INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'django.contrib.admin', 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.messages', 'django.contrib.staticfiles', 'south', ) MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware', 'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware', 'django.middleware.csrf.CsrfViewMiddleware', 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware', 'django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware',

Now I'm running into trouble getting Python, Django, & SQLite working on RHEL AS5. Thank you for letting me know :) Jpadilla1 closed this Nov 4, 2014 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Right now I'm just reading through other south issues –bbpy-newb Mar 27 '14 at 16:26 | show 1 more comment 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 1 down vote Now it is created in the project directory (the outer django_bookmarks folder), so your SETTINGS.py should look like: INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.sites', 'bookmarks', ) share|improve this answer answered

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Django project - can not sync data tables - syncdb (error: no module named XYZ) up vote 0 down vote favorite I You can re-sync or re-download the repo. export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages I was trying to import Django and it couldn't be found, and doing the above solved the issue. Why does a full moon seem uniformly bright from earth, shouldn't it be dimmer at the "border"?

Can the notion of "squaring" be extended to other shapes? From $ python manage.py syncdb gives Error message: File "manage.py", line 8, in from django.core.management import executefromcommand_line ImportError: No module named django.core.management How do I update Django packages in virtualenv? No fixtures found.It worked.The next step was to set up the Apache configuration.$ cd ~/webapps/django/apache2/confI edited the following line in httpd.conf: SetEnv DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE myblogsite.settingsThen I restarted the Apache server:$ ~/webapps/django/apache2/bin/restartIn my View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23816052/djangos-manage-py-giv...

BUT then comes the error message: no bookmarks module. Check your python path first. Open a text file and remove any blank lines Can I send ethereum to a contract outside of its constructor?